Beneficium Euro Ltd

Global Medical and Beauty Technologies

Beneficium Euro Ltd is private company with 20+ years of succesful history in our home market: Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in other EU countries, Middle East and United States. 

We are awarded as the "Largest Volksbank Medical Finance Supplier" on our home market in terms of US$, and the holder of the "International Company Highest Credibility Certificate AA".

Our business partners are hospitals, private medical, aesthetic & beauty centers. 

Long term reliability, experience and market strength of our company are considered by our suppliers as well as by our customers as the key reasons for choosing our company as a business partner.

Our vision is based on exclusive partnership with international leading companies, brands and dynamic start-ups from all around the world, covering sales, marketing and professional service activities. 

Our aim is to offer the best available portfolio of the world recognized methods and trends in the highest, continuously proven quality.

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